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What is Electronic Labor Day?

Born as a response to the unprecedented challenges facing nightlife industries in 2020, Electronic Labor Day (ELD) was conceived as a digital electronic music festival with the goal to monetarily support non managerial staff.

The first Electronic Labor Day edition, hosted on the 1st of May weekend in 2020, sought support for Lebanon’s ailing nightlife industry, which was struggling with an ongoing economic crisis, Covid-19 lockdown measures and ensuing financial distress. It brought together 150 artists from 30 countries and unified the Lebanese electronic scene all for the one cause.

ELD aims to combine exceptional online music entertainment with effective and transparent fundraising to supply our local scenes with fresh festival experiences and much needed support. Find out how we divided the funds between the nonmanagerial staff that applied here.

ELD and Beatport ReConnect Present ‘For Beirut’

On Sunday, September 13 starting 01:58PM Beirut Time till 02:00AM – Electronic Labor Day in partnership with Beatport ReConnect and supported by Carl Cox present ‘FOR BEIRUT’, will be hosting a 12-hour fundraising event to provide much-needed relief and support to the people of Lebanon and the many affected by the recent tragedy. After a grieving period of forty days has passed, the global electronic music community will unite on September 13, showcasing renowned international DJs from around the world, who spared no time in getting in touch with their friends and partners in Beirut, delivering messages of solidarity and support. Funds will be distributed to 3 initiatives: Bebw’shebbek supported by ULYP, Beirut Emergency Fund and Disaster Relief for Beirut Explosion Fund.

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